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I've loved gardens and gardening since childhood and indeed earned my pocket money as a youngster working on our neighbours' gardens. I studied history at university but subsequently trained in horticulture at Pershore College of Horticulture in Worcestershire — regarded as one of the UK's best training centres. I am especially interested in plants and was delighted to have won the college award for plantsmanship during my course.

I have worked in various parts of Britain during my gardening career but for the past seven years have been based in north London. I work in the traditional English manner, creating gardens appropriate to their location.

Gardens used to be thought of as places requiring relentless hard work and dedication. But today we have a more relaxed attitude and so, I think, we enjoy them more. I am wholeheartedly behind the idea of the garden as an outdoor room, where life goes on much as it does indoor…children playing, adults socializing or putting their feet up. And because professional gardeners like me love to get down and dirty with the soil, you can call us in without any guilt that you are not doing it yourself.

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